As NRSC members, we are focused on developing unifying projects with values and meaning that are shared with our businesses, our suppliers, our clients, and every employee in our companies to have a positive impact on the sourcing of natural ingredients for the beauty industry.

We strive to become and remain informed on the status of supply chains, territories, peoples, and vanishing forms of savoir-faire, and to seek the ways and means to respond to those challenges.

We form workgroups to assess – collectively and locally – the key challenges and stakes involved in promoting sustainable sourcing in critical supply chains. In cooperation with local stakeholders, these workgroups establish and implement specifications to ensure traceability, transparency, and application of best practices.

We engage indigenous and local communities and local producers to ensure the supply chains benefit all involved parties, to protect access to resources, and to avoid the risks of large-scale dependency.

Our goal is to build examples of long-term, economically profitable and sustainable collaborations, implementing best practices which will serve as models for our industry.


Our uniqueness

NRSC members have pledged their personal commitment to creating a positive impact on the sourcing of natural ingredients, a first for the beauty industry. Reaching beyond competition, this commitment unites key stakeholders from every horizon, giving a voice to local farmers and producers.
The NRSC proactively puts into practice the recommendations of international organizations and standards, such as the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Global Compact, the International Labor Organization, and, more recently, the Nagoya Protocol.
The women and the men of the NRSC are committed to sharing and more broadly implementing the best practices developed during international events on biodiversity and sustainable sourcing.