Self-declaration procedure

The requirements for sustainable sourcing are published via the NRSC specification available on the NRSC website. The English version is available by default and is translated depending on the raw materials and sourcing locations. The NRSC is supporting the next step to achieve compliance and capacity building via a Self-Declaration Procedure.

Supply chain actors who are willing to fulfill the requirements of the specification are encouraged to self-declare their intention. This is a simple approach which will facilitate a self-monitoring system to track their own compliance status. There is no certification for this specification. However compliance can be verified by third party auditors, whether by the actors’ own motion or in response to a buyer’s request. The NRSC itself does not have any auditing role. 

What’s the self-declaration procedure ?

The Self-Declaration Procedure is a way to help advance compliance with NRSC specification.

Based on self-monitoring, supply chain actors can declare their progress to NRSC.

What are the commitments?

Self-declaration is a widely visible commitment to the implementation, and promotion of the NRSC specification. A company joining the initiative is expected to:

  1. Make the NRSC specification an integral part of its business strategy, day-to-day operations and organizational culture;
  2. Communicate progress through a self-monitoring report on the ways in which it implements the NRSC specification requirements; and
  3. Foster the NRSC specification and the responsible practices through active outreach to peers, partners, clients, consumers and the public at large.

What are the benefits?

Participation in the NRSC self-declaration offers numerous benefits:

  • For your organization, implementation of social, environmental and technical best practices thanks to an established and globally recognized specification
  • Access to market and business partners requesting compliance with the NRSC specifications
  • Ability to exchange on challenges and opportunities with a range of self-declared stakeholders within the supply chain.

Public disclosure of self-declared / compliant organization

Supply chain actors who intend to fulfill the requirements of the specification will be published on the NRSC website. Information that will be disclosed on the NRSC website will be:

–  Name of the company

–  Date of receipt of the Self-declaration letter by NRSC

–  Date of receipt of the Annual Communication On Progress (ACOP) by NRSC

With the exception of these elements , all other information provided to NRSC will be managed confidentially and won’t be disclosed neither to any NRSC member nor other stakeholders without permission.

The information remains the property of the engaged actor who is solely responsible for the diffusion of its ACOP to third parties.

Download the self-declaration letter

Download the Specifications

List of self-declared stakeholders