General description of the NRSC process

The Natural Resources Stewardship Circle (NRSC) is a network of leaders from the cosmetics, fragrance and flavors industry who “wish to act together in concrete fashion, and based on shared commitments and principles, to preserve, over the long term, the biodiversity of the supply chains of natural products used by the industry and beyond, and to develop cooperative, sustainable, fair-trade projects with the local communities, local farmers who are the first actors of a supply chain

The NRSC process

Traceability, fair-trade, and long-term commitments along the supply-chain are the keys to success.

collective action process


Phase 1 : Pre-assessment

The NRSC established a screening process, based on a strict assessment of the key challenges and opportunities at stake and  related to a sustainable supply chain.

 Phase 2 : Consultation/Discussion on the field

Specifications are established in line with the NRSC Guidelines and with the cooperation of the local stakeholders in various natural-product supply chains.

The specifications are part of a participative process: they are prepared by experts in natural-product production and processing and revised by the stakeholders, from the source to the downstream actors. The NRSC members encourage their suppliers to adopt and to respect the Specifications and invite them to assess their field feasibility.

The NRSC provides assistance to expedite and strengthen the positive impact of a collective approach all along a supply chain, from the source to the finished product.

Phase 3 : Follow up & Compliance

Once specifications are published, every actors receive a ‘call for compliance action’Follow up is structured into 2 steps:

Step 1: Self Declaration
Any stakeholder who wants to participate self-declares their intention to comply with the specification, via a letter to NRSC.

Step 2: NRSC compliance
After one year, any actor who want to claim NRSC compliance provide an Annual Communication on Progress (ACOP), which describes improvements in implementation.

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