Traceability, fair-trade, and long-term commitments along the supply chain are the keys to success. They lead to many potential benefits for all.

To reach that aim, Specifications are established in line with the NRSC Guidelines and with the cooperation of the local stakeholders of various natural product supply chains.

The specifications are part of a participative process, they are prepared by experts in natural products production and processing and revised by the stakeholders.

The NRSC members encourage their suppliers to adopt and to respect the Specifications and invite them to assess their field feasibility.

The NRSC provides assistance to speed and to magnify the positive impact of a collective approach all along a supply chain, from the source to the finished product.

These NRSC Specifications will then be shared with the whole beauty and aromatic industry, as a standard recommendation.


Download the vetiver in Haiti Specifications ENGLISH

Download the liquidambar in Honduras Specifications ENGLISH ESPAÑOL