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NRSC Resolution Text

Awareness of the extent of planetary challenges relating to sustainable development has attained a new intensity. We, representatives of beauty, cosmetics , fragrance, and flavor companies, guided by our values of humility, transparency, accountability, empowerment, collaboration and respect, support the principles espoused in the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Nagoya Protocol, the UN Global Compact, and the International Labor Organisation regulations. All members are committed to working together to establish guidelines and to educate their employees and supply chain partners within their industries.
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NRSC Guidelines

A guideline of best practices has been signed by all members and is currently being applied experimentally to the collective actions in progress. To facilitate its implementation within the members’ organization management systems, we are now drafting an “educational booklet” to illustrate each commitment within the Guidelines.
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Rules of Governance

Being an NRSC member is the personal commitment on the part of a president, CEO, or chairperson to join the circle. It entails personal involvement to achieve the NRSC objectives and collective actions based on a Resolution text and a common guideline of best practices, signed by all presidents.
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Traceability, fair-trade, and long-term commitments along the supply chain are the keys to success. They lead to many potential benefits for all stakeholders. To achieve this objective, Specifications are established in line with the NRSC Guidelines and with the cooperation of the local stakeholders in various natural-product supply chains.

Download the vetiver in Haiti Specifications ENGLISH

Download the liquidambar in Honduras Specifications ENGLISH ESPAÑOL


Self-declaration letter

Supply chain actors who are willing to fulfill the requirements of the specification are encouraged to self-declare their intention. This is a simple approach which will facilitate a self-monitoring system to track their own compliance status. 

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